I Am Searching for this portrait,…

Hello,.my name is Duncan Hulme. I am a 4th generation Fine Art Picture Restorer, originally from London, now living in Sydney.

This is a portrait of the Infanta Maria Clara Eugenia, wife of Archduke Albert IIV. It was restored by my grandfather Norman Hulme, in 1941. It is attributed to Sir Peter Paul Rubens. It was documented in the Burlington Magazine. c 1950’s 


I have recently been contacted by a researcher who believes it is the ‘pendant’ or partner to a recently discovered portrait of Archduke Albert IIV, seen on the left here, which has also been attributed to Sir Peter Paul Rubens.

As you can see, there is enough evidence to suggest a link between these two portraits. However, one of course needs both works to establish a credible bridge between the two. Does anyone know where this lady portrait may be? It may well have been restored since 1941?  Please send this search on to any of your associates in the field of restoration and conservation. Any suggestions are greatly welcomed,.

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