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TAWASA AOUA FAESCA ... •• FIG. I Timucua Political & Dialect Boundaries ca. D. (TIMUCUA = Dialect area, UTINA = Political region) THE TIMUCUA LANGUAGE ethnographic evidence. Rather the affiliations seem to be with the clearly Muskogean peoples of northwest Florida and/or the probably Muskogean Calusa to the south (Bullen 1978). Lastly, two bogus terms, Yustega and Mocamo, have inadvertently crept into the literature on Florida archaeology since the 1960's. Neither spelling occurs in any original source, or, for that mauer, secondary source, from the late 16th century through the mid 20th century.

Re 'noun, combining-form'. We have already noted that Timucua na- 'V > N' is paralleled by Warao /-na/ with the same semological function. It is also possible thaI Timucua ha> 'be in the future' is paralleled by Warao /ha-/ 'must, have to, will' with the same function as the Timucua form (Osborn 1968:54). That is, the similarities reflect broadly generalized pan-Amazonian/panChibchan patterns rather than specific Arawakan sources. There is, however, an interesting, almost exact parallel between certain possessive devices posited for Proto-Maipuran Arawakan and similar devices in Timucua.

2) body parts. One of the most obvious and striking characteristics of lexemes in the Arawakan languages and in many other Amazonian language groups is what Matteson (1972:164) refers to as a 'clutter of grammatical markers: lexemes consisting of long strings of predominantly mono-syllabic morphemes. many of which do not naturally occur alone as free-forms with any clear denotative semantic content but which have clear semological connotative meaning (that is, a broad semantic 'freight' and 37 THE TIMUCUA LANGUAGE consistent grammatical function).

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