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Even in the event very good credit reports are available, SMEs often are not covered. Obviously, those SMEs—the small businesses—which do not produce financial statements will not have credit reports prepared for them, and these are precisely the customers that developing-world banks should seek out, for the reasons enumerated in Chapter 3. Regardless of the availability of credit reports, banks should never rely upon third parties such as credit rating agencies to do their own legwork. Credit analysis and risk assessment must be performed by the bank.

That the bankers and insurance company executives managed to fool themselves, above all else, should serve as the primary lesson to be learned. A systemic abandonment of basic principles of credit lay behind the extension of mortgages to persons who were clearly un-creditworthy. Packaging and selling these mortgages to Fannie May and Freddie Mac compounded the problem and added another layer of leverage. 1057/9781137373786  A Guide to SME Financing originators of the credits and the ultimate owners of the debt, and, finally, credit default swaps issued to cover issuers of the CDOs might arguably have brought the entire creaking structure down, had the largest issuer of credit default swaps, the insurance company American International Group (AIG), not been bailed out by the US government.

2 Business Plan By “Business Plan,” we do not necessarily mean a written document, but rather a narrative demonstrating that the proprietor/entrepreneur has a good sense of what s/he wants his business to be, what market niche(s) it will fill, who the likely customers are to be, who the suppliers are, and a feel for his plans for future growth. S/he should be able to discuss the competition, what strategies he has in place to deal with it, how he feels he can overcome price competition (if there is any), and the like.

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