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By Tamar Myers

Pickled...Then Potted All that continues to be of Lula Mae Wiggins-who drowned in a bath of inexpensive champagne on New Year's Eve-now sits in an alleged Etruscan urn in Savannah, Georgia. extra north, on the Den of Antiquity vintage store in Charlotte, North Carolina, plucky owner Abigail Timberlake is astonished to benefit that she is the only inheitor of the Wiggins property. overdue Aunt Lula Mae was once, in spite of everything, as far-off a relative as relations can get. Arriving in picturesque Savannah, Abby makes a number of startling discoveries. First, that Lula Mae's ultimate resting pot is extra American affordable than Italian vintage. And moment, that there has been a really beneficial 1793 one-cent piece taped to the interior lid. probably a coin assortment worthy hundreds of thousands is hidden one of the deceased's worldly possessions-making Lula's passoing extra suspicious than orginally surmised. With the unusual visual appeal of a voodoo preistess coupled with the nerve-racking disappearance of a enjoyed one-and with nasty kin skeletons tumbling from the timber like acorns-Abby must locate her penny auntie's killer p.d.q...or she'll be as much as her ashes in deep trouble!

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Thank heavens for the moon, because if the string had broken, we’d have had a devil of a time finding them in the sand. ” “I think it was 1971. Thelma Lou and—I’m not going to tell you all their names, Abby—anyway, a few of us gals who were mothers of college kids got together and decided we should do a little experi- 34 Tamar Myers menting of our own. Just a little, mind you. Just enough so that we could know what it was y’all were trying. ” “I can’t believe this! ” “Oh, no, dear. It wasn’t marijuana.

Dewayne Kimbro pushed the heavy glasses up and massaged his eyes with sausage fingers. ” “Well, actually Daddy was born in Madison, Georgia, but he grew up in Atlanta. ” 44 Tamar Myers “Yes, sir. Timberlake is my married name. ” “Well, ma’am, then I believe we have established that it is you mentioned in this will. ” He read the entire document aloud, and I followed along. Well, to be honest, I touched base every couple of paragraphs. The rest of the time my mind bounced all over the place, wanting to think about anything other than the fact that Daddy, and Mama too, had lied to me my entire life.

Instead, I started to walk back to the couch, which put her off her guard. Then I turned abruptly and dashed past her. The cupboards were bare. Just bare as Mrs. Hubbard’s. “Mama! ” Mama hung her head. “You did! ” “It’s only one place setting, dear. It’s not like they don’t have plenty more. And they’re charging you so much for this room. ” “I would have sent them a nice thank-you note. ” No doubt she would have, at that. I could just see and smell her flowered, perfumed paper, across which she’d have written something like Thanks so much for the lovely china.

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