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By James D. Lewis

This publication offers an creation to a subject matter of important curiosity in transcendental algebraic geometry: the Hodge conjecture. which include 15 lectures plus addenda and appendices, the amount is predicated on a sequence of lectures added via Professor Lewis on the Centre de Recherches Mathematiques (CRM). The ebook is a self-contained presentation, thoroughly dedicated to the Hodge conjecture and comparable themes. It contains many examples, and such a lot effects are thoroughly confirmed or sketched. the inducement in the back of the various effects and historical past fabric is equipped. This entire method of the ebook supplies it a ``user-friendly'' sort. Readers needn't seek in different places for varied effects. The publication is appropriate to be used as a textual content for a subject matters path in algebraic geometry; comprises an appendix via B. Brent Gordon.

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2). 1. 4, et sous l'hypoth~se suppldmentaire, sans doute superf6tatoire (conjecture de Bloch sur les surfaces avec H 2(X, Ox) = 0), que l'application d'A1banese A0(X) ~ Al_~bx(k) est un isomorphisme, Saito [$2] d6montre qu'en fait t'accouplement Ao(X) x B r ( X ) ~ Q/Z est non d6g6n6r6 £ gauche. __qc~),Q / l ) . gc°),Q/Z). l Hom(Br(X),Q/i[) l-" Ainsi le noyau de la fl~che verticale de gauche est inclus dans le noyau de la fl~che horizontale sup6rieure, qui par l'hypoth~se suppl@mentaire est un groupe de torsion.

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