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Yeah, that's true," admitted Conger. " "I am awfully sentimental," he said. " "He's perceptive. " She reached out and made adjustments to the controls. "There. " Conger took hold of her as the hopper banked gently to the left. 46 RON GOULART CHAPTER 13 Conger wasn't sure if the gnats and mosquitoes could see him or not. Usually the complex body lotion which rendered him invisible also served as an insect repellent. The insects who inhabited the lush swamp surrounding the Pharmz complex seemed able to seek him out with no trouble.

After poking a tiny forefinger at a double-tailed fish, Canguru rose to face the WTD agent. "I'm glad you reminded me, senhor," he said. "I learned all the NSO men on the around the clock watch of the disreputable funeral parlor swear no one came near the body, except a few courageous leftwing mourners. All the agents, and the secret police to boot, further swear that at no time did Machado's corpse leave the simple pine box in which it reposed. " "I know that part," said Conger. " "To my way of thinking," observed Canguru, "Sandman has come up with a new and improved way to cloud men's minds and flummox them.

He was clutching a bundle of large dark green leaves to his chest, muttering happily to himself. "A great day for science," he said in Spanish. "A giant step ahead for protein, not to mention gourmet cooking. " Conger sat in a tin bucket chair. "Professor Enzerto," he said and became visible. The large old scientist nodded at him. "Buenos dias, señor," he said. " "I've discovered a way to make skunk cabbage not only palatable but sweet-smelling," Enzerto told him. "Wait until they get wind of this over in the leaf protein extraction crowd.

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