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By C. S. Forester

Those exciting stories of high-seas event within the Napoleonic period, which Winston Churchill stumbled on "vastly entertaining" and Ernest Hemingway instructed to "every literate I know", are being eagerly embraced via a brand new new release of readers. again Bay takes excitement in reissuing those vintage stories in good-looking new exchange paperback editions.
-- The Hornblower renaissance is in complete sail with a virtually tenfold raise in revenues: greater than I5O, OOO Hornblower books offered within the first six months of 1999.
-- The A&E tv network's sequence of unique video clips according to Hornblower's adventures were enormously profitable -- praised by means of critics, loved through thousands of audience, and winner of the Emmy Award for top miniseries.
-- new videos could be premiering within the spring on A&E.
-- Readers and booksellers who respect Patrick O'Brian's novels appreciate researching this "new" sequence of nautical experience tales.

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