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Within the new period of expertise and complex communications, coding concept and cryptography play a very major position with a major volume of analysis being performed in either components. This booklet provides a few of that examine, authored by means of popular specialists within the box. The ebook comprises articles from numerous issues so much of that are from coding thought. Such themes contain codes over order domain names, Groebner illustration of linear codes, Griesmer codes, optical orthogonal codes, lattices and theta features on the topic of codes, Goppa codes and Tschirnhausen modules, s-extremal codes, automorphisms of codes, and so forth. There also are papers in cryptography which come with articles on extremal graph idea and its purposes in cryptography, quick mathematics on hyperelliptic curves through endured fraction expansions, and so on. Researchers operating in coding idea and cryptography will locate this publication a good resource of knowledge on fresh study.

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H0 implies that [ht−1 , . . , h1 , h0 ] ≺ ht−2 , . . , h0 , 0 ; that is, h < M(H). As this holds for all hyperplanes H, the fact that M(H) = h for some H is contradicted. 3. Let f = [ht−1 , . . , h0 , h−1 ], and let h = [ht−1 , . . , h0 ]. Suppose that M is a multiset in Πt for which M(Πt ) = f and M(H) ≥ h for all hyperplanes H. Then M is an (f, h)-minihyper. Proof. M is an (f, h )-minihyper for some h ≥ h, and we need h = h. Let h = ht−1 , . . , h0 , so that f (h ) = ht−1 , . . , h0 , 0 .

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