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By James Delgado

Major archaeologist and consummate storyteller James Delgado takes readers on a rollicking deep-sea dive into his hugely strange life's paintings: finding and exploring the world's most renowned shipwrecks.

Colorful characters, close to misses, and the joys of status — or floating — in history's footprints make for a hugely pleasing examine the interesting historical past and glittering bounty underneath the waves.

Included are debts of Pearl Harbor, the huge, and Bikini Atoll, web site of the world's first nuclear checks.

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There are four main divisions of the sequence, called Beds I, II, III, and IV, and it is from Bed I, the lowest and oldest, that the flrSt pebble-tool industries have come, associated with abundant remains of animals of the Villafranchian fauna, including numbers of bones split open by the hunters to obtain marrow. These industries of Bed I are called Olduvan, after the name of the Gorge, and they continue into Bed II , in the upper part of which, however, they begin to give way to somewhat improved implement types.

In the African continent, they have also been found in early deposits on the Moroccan coast, and at a site called Ain Hanech in Algeria. In the former area, a dating which would be older than that of Olduvai has been claimed for the earliest stages, while at Ain Hanech a Villafranchian fauna is again present. Two comparatively recent finds of pebble-tool industries further north are of great interest. One is at the site of al 'Ubeidiya 45 in the Jordan valley, where the dating is apparently somewhat later than most of the African sites-perhap s near the very beginning of the Middle Pleistocene.

Thus land-bridges came into existence where seas had been; at such times, Britain was a mere peninsula of Europe. The importance of such conditions in terms of human and animal movements across the land-bridges is obvious. As the sea-level gradually rose or fell, so too there were drastic changes within the major river valleys, and indeed in whole drainage systems. Rivers responded to the rise or fall of sea-level by building up the deposits in their valleys, or cutting deeply down into them, and traces of this activity survive in the form of 'river terraces' intermittently preserved in the present topography of many valleys of sufficiently ancient origin.

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