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Tran- Axon guidance factors in invertebrate development sient changes in [Ca^+li, monitored with the indicator fura-2, correlated closely with changes in filopodial morphology, involving an initial filopodial elongation, followed by retraction. , 1991). Recently, VanBerkum and Goodman (1995) have performed an elegant series of experiments in which the function of the major intracellular receptor for calcium, calmodulin, was blocked in the growth cones of specific pioneering neurons in the CNS of the Drosophila embryo.

This single filopodium could thereby reorient an entire growth cone, despite the fact that many other filopodia remain in contact with non-selected substrates during turning of the growth cone. The filopodium thus seems to act as an "antenna" rather than a "tow-rope"; interactions between molecules on its surface and the substrate lead to the production of signals which ultimately cause the axon to grow in one direction, rather than another. 3). In the former case, the appropriate substrate would be markedly dissimilar to any structure in the vicinity of the growth cone.

The morphology of an identified interneuron in the embryo of the crustacean Porcellio scaber (woodlouse). The axon of this neuron passes between the regions of contact of neuron somata in its path, rather than growing over their dorsal or ventral surfaces. Photomicrograph of a LY intracellular fill. Scale bar = 15 ^m. example of a specific axon morphology arising from a relatively non-specific pathway choice. 3,4,2. Ablation of guidepost neurons has varied effects on growing axons Experimental evidence that contact with neuronal somata plays an important role in axon guidance comes from a number of sources.

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