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H 1 9 7 5 , t i f a layav i j nana did not appropriate the body ) ( 1 8 ) ) : gz an du na ni ( i . e . si ba ' i Y'O du SCS pc . 'jig paY) :oas Cp o t he 191. g. 1' 0 II; z i n pa ' i phyiY' ma S i ' i Cpo also 1 00 . 'gyuY' n. L So . KSiT 1 0 3b2 : l us ni Y'na{T{ paY' I D ) baY' du I'U l baY' mi ' gyuY' vijnanam of Y\y l) �b2 I s ee n . RI7(d) ) . Y t 'i "l Iaj explaining upadatr at 1 1 , --If . as implying an e t ymo] ogy of alayavi j fiana . Y C p . also the rend ering of alayav i j fiana by kun t u len pa ' i r'nam pal' §ps pa in 1 1 .

Ima,!! kaya,!! tayo dhamma jahan t i : 1 ayu usma c a vinna>;w'!! , a thCiya,!! kayo ujjhito a iJakkh i t to se­ 2 t i , yatha katrha,!! acetana,!! ; MA 7 89a l -7 and 7 9 1 (' 9- 1 6 : AKTlI t u 9b H . : SA 1 5ob4ff . ; c p o c c a l s o SrBh 3 7 6 , 4f . ( AKBh 7 J , 1 9f . ; AKVy 66i' , 1 6f . ; c p . S N I I I 143) : yada kaya,!! matha iJijnana,!! rham acctanam I I apaviddhas t ada s e t e 1 . 2 . Uneven p�da of a §loka ( po s i t ion of ca ! matha SN I I I 1 4 3 , 4 . s e e p�da d of t h e v e r s e ayur 166.

I Muro j i p . 2 7 , 1 1 ) : doan po l aparir;zata ) yin :f in : PSVyT 1 39b l ( Muro j i p . 28 , not e ) : dban po illH� -1' iJ[ 1 50b 1 4 : rnams yons MA su ma gyur 7b9a l of . 791 c 1 9 : c 296 and SK IV 294 : indriyar;z i uippasannani . 175. c pa yin : �m -1'lItl:l I t may be difficuJt t o dec id e whether t h i s SA c MN I s t ep wa s , as Griffiths \ 1 956 , 1 0 6 ) s eems to sugge s t , in fact favoured by Vasumi t ra ' s 1 76 . a s sumpt ion ( some of kind of) dhasamapat t i ( s ee § 2 .

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