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Chilling Effect (Lucinda Hayes Mysteries)

Boulder legal professional Lucinda Hayes pulls the grotesque web page from the fax computing device, now not suspecting it's going to draw her into the repugnant realm of pornographic movie and pit her opposed to the giants of the mainstream movie undefined. Her reluctant contract to symbolize Peggy Grayling, mom of a slain baby, calls for her to arrive out to her legislations associate Tory Meadows and personal investigator Linc Tolkien, yet issues her long-distance love affair with long island attorney Sam Holt.

Homemade Sin (Callahan Garrity Mysteries)

Refusing to think that her cousin's mysterious dying have been an twist of fate, expert housecleaner Callahan Garrity starts off a deepest research of Atlanta's internal urban and the shady bargains of her cousin's husband. Reprint. PW.

Have Your Cake and Kill Him Too

While the wealthy person proprietor of a spectacularly cheesy activities bar is killed, Nora Blackbird suspects a secretive baby-kisser, a shady former rock superstar doubling as a pastry chef, and a deadly aristo-brat at the verge of stardom.

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Yuck,” she said, lifting her foot. She glared at the perpetrator and slipped out of her shoes. “You can clean this mess, Nina. And my shoe. You forgot to put down one of those dog pads before we left. ” “I’m sure this isn’t all Tutu’s fault,” Nina called after her. Without responding, Gretchen stalked past an overturned lamp and stepped around globs of stuffing pulled from a sofa pillow. She found Wobbles in the laundry room, buried in a pile of her folded clothes on top of the dryer. The bowl of dry cat food she had left on the washing machine was almost empty.

She could hear Nina calling her name from the front of the house. “I’ve got to go,” she said. “We’ll talk tomorrow. ” “Will do,” Steve said and disconnected. Nina peeked into the laundry room. “Oh, oh,” she said when she saw the expression on Gretchen’s face and the phone in her hand. ” Gretchen stabbed the power button on her phone, and it beeped off. Nina grinned. “You had it worse than anyone I ever knew. You couldn’t share your dolls or your friends. You always thought someone would steal them away.

She rubbed sunscreen on her exposed flesh, hung her binoculars around her neck, and selected a bottle of water from a well-stocked supply in the refrigerator. As an afterthought, she checked her mother’s closet. Then she opened the hall closet. Her mother’s set of luggage lay empty on the floor. A more thorough search produced a toothbrush in the bathroom. As far as Gretchen could tell, Caroline hadn’t taken anything other than the car. She braced herself for the explosion of afternoon heat and set off, leaving palm trees and bougainvillea behind.

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