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The Butler's Guide to Running the Home and Other Graces

Perched on an island off the beaches of Cornwall, England, the hovering fortress of St. Michael's Mount has been domestic to the St. Aubyn family members seeing that 1647. for almost thirty years, Stanley Ager, probably the most esteemed butlers of the 20 th century, ensured that St. Michael's Mount was once an impeccable position to stay and a gracious and alluring one for site visitors to go to.

D. H. Lawrence: A Reference Companion

D. H. Lawrence is still some of the most renowned and studied authors of the twentieth century. This publication is a entire yet effortless to take advantage of reference consultant to Lawrence's lifestyles, works, and demanding reception. the amount has been systematically dependent to show a coherent total experience of Lawrence's fulfillment and demanding recognition, however it can also be designed to permit the reader who might be drawn to just one element of Lawrence's occupation, even perhaps in just one among his novels or tales, to discover proper details quick and simply with no need to learn different components of the textual content.

Perfumes, Cosmetics and Soaps: Volume II The Production, Manufacture and Application of Perfumes

Prior to now decade there were many alterations within the perfumery which aren't quite a bit a result of discovery and alertness of recent uncooked fabrics, yet quite to the astronomic bring up within the rate of labour required to provide them. this is often mirrored extra relatively within the flower undefined, the place the price of accumulating the blossoms brought to the factories has long gone up 12 months after 12 months, loads in order that so much plant life with the potential exception of Mimosa, have reached a price fee which has pressured the perfumer to both lessen his purchases of absolutes and concretes, or on the other hand to replacement them from a less expensive resource, or perhaps to stop their use.

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Ask out Invite someone to something, such as dinner, the theater, or a date. For example, We’ve been asked out to dinner twice this week, or Mary felt shy about asking John out. [Late 1800s] asleep → In addition to the idiom beginning with ASLEEP, also see FALL ASLEEP. asleep at the switch Also, asleep at the wheel. Inattentive, not doing one’s job, as in At the critical moment the watchman was asleep at the switch and only called the fire department when it was too late. This term came from 19th-century American railroading, when it was the trainman’s duty to switch cars from one track to another by means of manually operated levers.

Ass in a sling, have one’s Also, get one’s ass in a sling. Be (or get) in trouble, in a painfully awkward position, as in When the news about the slump in sales gets out he’ll have his ass in a sling. Probably originating in the American South, this idiom may refer to so vigorous a kick in the buttocks (for which ass is a rude synonym) that the injured person requires a sling of the kind used to support a broken arm. [Vulgar slang; c. 1930] as soon → See AS SOON AS; JUST AS SOON. as soon as 1. When, just after, as in Please call me as soon as dinner is ready, or As soon as the sun goes down, the temperature drops dramatically.

For example, As far as that goes, Bill doesn’t understand it, or My husband has never gotten along with Henry, and so far as that goes, Henry doesn’t like him either, or As far as that is concerned, Patrice can take care of herself. Also see AS FOR. as follows What comes next, usually in the form of a list. For example, Mary planned her day as follows: returning all phone calls; a department meeting; lunch with her colleagues; library research. This term is always put in the singular (“follows”) even though it applies to numerous items and is frequently followed by a colon.

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