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By Gary C. White

With the enormous advances within the miniaturization of digital elements, natural world biologists now sometimes visual display unit the events of free-ranging animals with radio-tracking units. This ebook explicates the various analytical recommendations and laptop courses on hand to extract organic details from the radio monitoring info. Key Features:* Presentation of software program courses for fixing particular problems* Read more...

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The next generation of animal-borne satellite transmitters was designed for the TIROS/ARGOS satellite system and provided increased reliability and per­ formance in a smaller package. One such transmitter design has evolved be­ yond the experimental prototype stage to the point at which several investi­ gators are routinely collecting data on relatively large numbers of caribou (Rangifer tarandus) and polar bears (Ursus maritimus) (Pank et al. 1985, Har­ rington et al. 1987, Fancy et al. 1988).

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